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Adbooro - is the first Youtube system which automatically sells and buys views from end screen spot for you .
Would you like to promote a channel with real traffic from YouTube?
Now it's possible - just check how it works.
Stages of work
For those who want to earn
For those who need views
Sign up and add your channel to the system
(in one click, access is not required)
Place a playlist on your videos.
Get payments for viewing playlist
Sign up and post a link to your video
Choose the categories you want, pay and views will come automatically
Targeted, organic views from the end screen source - is the best way for channel grow
Cost: $ 10 for 1 thousand views. The minimum order is 2 thousand. Total $ 20.
What problems solves the platform Adbooro
Supply and demand
You no longer need to search for advertisers or channels of the desired subject in Youtube. Adbooro does everything automatically for you.
I buy AdWords and my channel is not growing
You can spend less and buy views from the channels end screen spot of your category
There's no channel monetization
But there are views! Place a playlist once and get payment for each viewing.
Are you buying views from social networks and sites?
Do not risk, buy traffic only from the channels directly!
About Adbooro
Adbooro - NEVER ask for a password or access to your channel
Can MONETIZE any channel
Promotes your video with the highest quality views
full automation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
Detailed STATISTICS in your account
Confidentiality, security, payment on demand and full transparency of transactions with human support and full automation 24 hours and 7 days a week.
This platform is for
Do you promote the channel in Youtube?
Now you can get something really interesting for views from channels with same category as yours
Do you want to earn MORE from your channel?
Adbooro will do it for you
Professionals about us
Look at the review about our service from youtube guru Eldar Guzairov.
What you get
  • High profit and payments in time
  • An additional source of income for your channel.
  • Advices and support from the professionals.
  • Best Views for the promotion of the channel.
  • Advices and support from the professionals.
  • The ability to earn money on your channel using the Adbooro service.
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