This policy belongs to the adbooro service and its legal entity - 205505663, Palbooro Ltd, "Knyaz Boris I" No 148, et. 1, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, and is as follows:

- In case the order you have paid for cannot be fulfilled, e.g. due to prohibited topics (such as gambling, adult content, etc.) - you are entitled to a refund. For a refund contact the support.

- You are also entitled to a refund in case if Adbooro does not fulfill your order inside the time frame stipulated in the order. You are entitled to full refund if the order was not fulfilled at all, or to a partial refund excluding the amount of traffic that had been processed.

ATTENTION! In case of malicious actions such as substitution/spoofing of a video, selling of improper traffic or other malicious actions the user is to be banned without a refund of revenue gained from such actions.