Public offer
to conclude a contract for paid services
This document "Public offer to conclude a contract for paid services" is an offer to conclude a services contract between the Adbooro platform submitted by 205505663, Palbooro Ltd, "Knyaz Boris I" No 148, et. 1, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, on the conditions set out below.

Please, read the terms of this offer before using materials and services from website and making Orders.

In order to join you should accept this public offer terms and conditions by applying to open a personal account. You shall not use if you do not agree to the Terms.

You should print or save a copy of the Terms on your local disk for easy reference.
1. Basic terms and definitions used in the Offer
1.1. Adbooro Platform is a set of web pages hosted on the Internet, united by a single address space, designed for Services orders and payments via the Internet, under the terms of this agreement and the Order. The platform owns all relevant exclusive rights to the Site, including the right to the Site domain name. The platform takes user Orders and takes actions for their execution, which are described below, under the terms of this agreement.

1.2. User — an individual or legal entity who: A. Obtain legal competences to conclude a contract A. 1. Individuals have reached the age, from which one may make legal economic agreement, A. 2. Legal entities act fully authorized of economic entities under the legislation and the purposes. B. Individuals who are not legally prohibited from receiving or using the services under the country of residence laws C. Existing YouTube website users, who have no warnings from the YouTube website administration, are not suspended and comply with the YouTube website terms of use.

1.3. User-Customer - any individual, who has concluded the Contract for paid services with Adbooro in his or someone else's interest under the requirements of this Offer and the Order of posting his Youtube channel link on the other users channels.

1.4. Executive user — any individual, who has who has concluded the Contract for paid services with Adbooro in his or someone else's interest under the requirements of this Offer and Order agreement to place a the Customer Youtube channel link on one's Youtube channel (Executive user Youtube channel), which has received prior written permission from YouTube for commercial use of one's channel and has Adbooro minimum number of subscribers and views and can be attributed to a certain category of Youtube users interests.

1.4.1. Service – actions aimed to increase traffic (the number of video views) on the Customer YouTube channel, exclusively by locating channel links to the Adbooro users Executive Youtube channels.

1.5. Order – User-Customer duly completed request for Service delivery by making a request of: - standardized parameters of the service system (number of views, price, category of channels direction) in the Personal account of the Site User, or - special Order by e-mail (non-standard conditions of the order can be special price, time of execution, rare specific channels for posting links).

1.6. Offer — the text of this document with all its appendixes, amendments and annexes, posted on the Website and containing the terms and procedure for the Services delivery.
2. General terms
2.1. The agreement concluded on this Offer terms is a legally binding document and regulates the relations between the parties arising when making Orders and paying for the Site Services.

2.2. In the course of Ordering and Services Execution through the Site, Users agree that:

a) he/she has read this Offer terms full and complete, complies with and does not violate the terms of YouTube website use and other YouTube products, channels, software, feeds and services, including the embedded video player ("YouTube Player") provided by YouTube on the YouTube Website, legislation of the User country of residence and country of citizenship (registration).

b) he/she agrees that Adbooro acts as an agent between the User-Customer and the Executive user concerning the Services Order.

c) he/she confirms that he/she is a registered user of the YouTube website.

d) Payment for Services by the User-Customer means that he accepts all this Offer terms in full without any exceptions and restrictions on his part (acceptance) concerning the Order.

e) Posting of User-Customer channel link on his channel means the Executive user accepts all the terms of the Order and this Offer full and complete without any deletions and restrictions.

f) If the Customer does not agree with the terms of this Offer or does not have the right to conclude Contract by law, he should refuse to make a Personal account and pay for the Order.

g) The Offer (including any of its parts) can be changed by the Executive user without any special notice. The new version of the Offer shall go into effect immediately upon its posting on the Website, unless otherwise directed by the Offer new version.

h) Payment for the Order can be effected between the parties, including through third-parties - partners, providers. Therefore, for the purposes of payments settlements between the Parties, the User, the Customer and the Executive User may be required to accept the partner agreements terms that help them to make and accept payments, such as payment service providers, partner services, and other similar partner companies.

2.3. Matters between the Parties may be further regulated by separate documents and agreements governing the relevant services use. The application of such additional documents and agreements does not cancel this Offer.

2.4. In the course of the Ordering and its delivery the parties agree, accept and guarantee that the users Content does not violate the YouTube website terms of use, Intellectual property rights of other users, is not false, does not violate the advertising and distribution terms of video, which directly offers to purchase special goods and services, comply with the terms of video, descriptions, comments and live broadcasts concerning minors, do not violate the terms of monetization (monetization restriction policy).

2.4.1. The platform users are prohibited to: • Disclose someone's personal information, such as residence, email address, personal phone number, passport number or bank account number. ◦NB: This rule does not apply to public information. Example: a government employee's work phone number. • Post materials to humiliate someone. • Post offensive comments or videos about another person. • Urge someone to insult others and threaten them both on YouTube and outside the platform. • Post content containing scenes of rape or sexual harassment. • Post threats of physical harm or material damage referred to specific individuals. • Post content that contains threats or bullying concerning minors. • Post humiliation materials with sexual innuendo referred to individuals who are not shown in the context of sex and do not participate in its discussion. • Post materials claiming that a real tragic event was fictitious and the victims or their families are actors. • Post materials offering to directly purchase firearms and/or their accessories (for example, from individuals) or provide links to the sites where they are sold. Accessories include: ◦ devices to simulate automatic fire; ◦ accessories designed to convert weapons into automatic, including bump stocks, automatic triggers and weapon conversion kits; ◦ magazines and belts containing more than 30 rounds. • Post content containing instructions for making the following items: ◦ firearm; ◦ ammunition; ◦ large-capacity magazines; ◦ self-made muzzle suppressors; ◦ devices to simulate automatic fire; ◦ accessories designed to convert weapons into automatic weapons, including bump stocks, automatic triggers and weapon conversion kits. • Post content containing instructions on simulating automatic fire or modifying weapons to automatic. • Publish content with assembly instructions for the devices and accessories described above. • Post videos with instructions on how to harm other people. This includes demonstrating any action aimed at killing or maiming, such as instructions for making explosive devices. • Post material on the use or manufacture of drugs. These include videos of people using banned substances, as well as instructions for the drugs manufacture. • The posting of content with hazardous tasks. We are talking about tasks that can cause serious harm to health. This includes, for example, games with suffocation or consumption of detergents, as well as tasks using fire, weapons or boiling water. • Publish videos with cruel or dangerous jokes. We do not allow posting videos, in which people believe that they are in danger, and similar videos that can cause serious emotional shock in children. • Post materials about eating disorders. This category includes content, in which people with anorexia or other eating disorders are praised for weight loss and encourage others to follow their example. • Post videos of cruel events. Acts of violence such as school shooting are not allowed to be praised or promoted. • Post videos with instructions on how to commit theft. This includes materials that show how to steal money and goods. • Post content that teaches hacking and phishing. You may not publish material that explains how to avoid computer security systems or obtain personal or user credentials. • Post content created by criminal or terrorist organizations; • Post content that approvingly describes well-known terrorists or criminals in order to encourage viewers to follow their example; • Post videos that praise or justify the actions of criminal or terrorist organizations; • Post videos urging to join a criminal or terrorist organization; • Post content that depicts hostages, as well as materials posted for the purpose of blackmail, threats or intimidation by a criminal or terrorist organization; • Post videos that include images of criminal or terrorist organizations symbols and any other recognition marking for the purpose of their advertising or propaganda. • Post content that offers to directly purchase products and services from the list below or containing the links to sites where they are sold. Namely: ✗ • alcohol; ✗ • Bank account passwords, stolen credit cards or their data and other financial information; ✗ • forged documents or counterfeit currency; ✗ • drugs; ✗ • explosives; ✗ • bodies; ✗ • goods made from endangered animals; ✗ • firearms and certain accessories; ✗ • nicotine-containing products; ✗ • gambling and betting; ✗ • prescription drugs; ✗ • sex or escort services; ✗ • unlicensed medical services; ✗ • human smuggling.

2.4.2. The platform's users are prohibited to carry out actions or allowing other users to carry out actions concerning minors aimed at: • Posting content that represents minors in a sexual context. Any sexually explicit content depicting minors is strictly prohibited. • Posting images of harmful or dangerous action with the minors involvement. Besides, content that encourages children to participate in such activities is prohibited. Content that involves minors in dangerous activities that may harm their health is prohibited. This includes, for example, tricks, risky tasks and jokes. •Posting scenes that may cause serious emotional distress in a child. Such content includes videos on adult topics, as well as materials in which children are severely abused, mistreated or forced to take any actions. • Posting videos that are allegedly appropriate for family viewing, but contain actions of violence, sexual or obscene material, or content on other adult topics. • Posting insults and threats against minors on the Internet. This includes content created with the purpose to humiliate individuals, materials containing personal information (e.g., email addresses or Bank account numbers), sexual harassment, or urging to insult others or to threaten them, as well as videos, intentionally filming people without their permission to be presented in them. • Posting videos with the image of genitals, breast or buttocks (covered or naked), created with the aim to arouse sexual excitement in viewers; • Posting pornographic materials that depict sexual acts, genitals or elements of fetishism in order to arouse sexual excitement in the viewers.

2.4.3. Platform users comply with the rules of limited monetization: • Controversial or sensitive topics: Videos about war, political conflicts, terrorism, extremism, sexual violence, fatal and other tragic incidents. Advertising is not added in such videos, even if they do not have shocking scenes. For example: videos about recent tragic events, including news and documentary videos. • Drugs and hazardous substances: Videos on illicit and restricted drugs, including their sale, use and abuse. Educational, documentary and feature films on such topics may be monetized only if the use of hazardous substances is not presented in a positive light or in the form of graphic image. • Harmful or dangerous acts: Videos of risky or dangerous acts that could result in serious physical, emotional or psychological injury. For example: videos about painful cosmetic or surgical procedures or jokes about sexual harassment or humiliation. • Offensive content: Videos that contain discriminatory, disrespectful or abusive statements against a person or group of persons on the basis of race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, disability, age, combatant status, sexual orientation, gender identity or other grounds that causes possible systematic discrimination or marginalization. Sometimes exceptions are made for satirical and comedic content, but the mere mention that the video is humorous is usually not enough. • Offensive language: Videos with lots of rude and obscene language. Ads may be allowed if swear words are rarely used. In such cases, the decision to monetize depends on the context. • Invalid use of family brands and programs content: YouTube advertising is not allowed in the commercials, where animated or game characters are engaged in cruel, obscene or off-putting scenes or their behavior distorts their image. Even Comedy and satirical videos of such content are not monetized. • Humiliating or provocative materials: Videos that contain rude remarks intended to offend or shame a person or group of people. • Sexual content: Videos about sex life, sex toys and devices are not monetized, but exceptions are sometimes made for educational materials without graphic images. • Violent scenes: Content with images of violence and injury, as well as bloody scenes. Videos about video games containing not just violent scenes can usually be monetized. The same rules apply to news, educational, artistic and documentary materials, the context of which explains such scenes. • Minors: Also the monetization of videos, which contain minors who are subject to risk of commentaries with disreputable intentions, may be limited or completely disabled.

2.4.4. Users are prohibited to perform any actions aimed at violation of identity and privacy, objectivity and justice: • To create and post misleading information, information that is not true, discloses commercial or state secrets, to put on video titles and previews that do not correspond to its content, to perform any actions related to fraud, impersonation and to create fake channels of celebrities or other people. • To post content that includes advertisements for third-party services that help to artificially increase or overstate the number of subscribers, views, or likes. Indicators obtained in this way are not taken into account. •To post content repeatedly that does not fit any specific category and does not meet one or more of the following criteria: ➢Content that fraudulently redirects viewers to another site. ➢Videos, in which viewers are promised to receive cash reward, if they go to an external resource, watch a third-party video or click on any element. ➢Content that redirects users to websites that spread malware, collect personal information, or that may otherwise harm them. • To post content that contains inaccurate information about elections, such as incorrect voting times, polling station address, and requirements.
3. The subject of the contract on Offer
3.1.1. User-Customer assigns, and the Adbooro Platform agrees that Services will be delivered in accordance with the task provided by the Customer, and the Customer agrees that the payment for the services will be effected.

3.1.2. Platform Adbooro agrees to receive and redirect the Task to the Executive Users.

3.1.3. Executive Users agrees that the decision on the Order execution will be made and the Order will be executed within a reasonable time or will be rejected. 3.1.4. Adbooro Platform agrees that the Order progress will be controlled and the Executive users' remuneration in terms of the Order, less their Commission, will be paid.

3.2. Adbooro develops and applies the policy of accepting users as possible Executive Users. The user must meet the acceptance criteria -

3.2.1. To have a constant number of views, sufficient number of subscribers that make a minimum number of the Customer channel link views. Adbooro controls the each user data by the Company employee personal labor (not by automatic search results of viewing algorithmic units)

3.2.2. To have an impeccable reputation, no warnings, suspensions or other valid decisions from YouTube. Adbooro employee controls each user's channel data.

3.2.3. The content should match content one or more categories of Adbooro users. Adbooro independently sets the criteria for content classifying into the category of users groups depending on the interests, users physical and cognitive data, the scope of their interest and searches in the region and such categories are published in the status of Executive Users, as well as a standardized Order in the Personal Account. Attention: 18+ is Adbooro independent category which characterizes and distinguishes 18+ from the 16+, 14+, as well as minors categories of interests and opportunities and it is not a special 18+ field of information in the meaning of the adult content industry, sexual content adopted under the policies of Media content ratings systems. The Adbooro criteria for determining Categories are exclusively indicators, characteristics, requirements of the content target group, target audience.

3.2.4. Before accepting an Order and Order redirecting to the Executive Channels, Adbooro employee controls the users channels Content for the audience characteristics compliance, the channel conditions violation, compliance with the Content terms.

3.3. The task for the services delivery, the scope of services, the price, as well as other necessary Contract conditions are determined on the basis of information provided by the Customer when Ordering and are an integral part of the Contract.

3.3.1. Adbooro standardizes orders by the number of required views and the cost of payment in the user's Personal Account. The standard deadline for the Order execution of 2,000 — 100,000 views is up to 45 days. In cases of 100,000 views, the deadline is up to 95 days. In case of a special Order, the User-Customer's channel link posting on the defined channel of an Executive User, or other deadlines or prices — the Order is raised in the additional agreement between the parties. 3.3.2. The compulsory condition for the Contract conclusion is the privacy policy terms' acceptance without modification by the Customer, which are posted on the Website and contain the use of Customer personal information.
4. The ordering and services delivery procedure
4.1. Service Ordering is carried out by making an Order in the appropriate Website section.

4.2. By Services Ordering on the Website, the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions of service listed below.

4.3. Before making an Order, it is necessary that the video to be posted on the User-Customer's channel and to be moderated by Youtube. The Orders with the posted links on other videos rather than on the User-Customer's Youtube channel are not accepted.

4.4. To order a Service, the user fills in the appropriate form on the Website and provides the following information:

· The link to the video; · Selects language; · Selects the required number of views; · Selects the category of desired audience and content matching.

4.5. After filling in the above information, user goes through the registration procedure on the Website (if he/she has not registered earlier) and the order payment procedure.

4.6. After Services payment, the user is considered to have accepted the terms of this Offer and becomes the Customer; the Service Agreement is concluded and is subjected to mandatory execution.

4.7. The Customer can track the Order status in the relevant section of his personal account on the Website. During the Order delivery and within 3 (three) days after the end of the Services, in case of identifying any deficiencies in the services provided, the User-Customer shall send Adbooro a request to correct the deficiencies with the specific deficiencies statement as a result of the Services delivery. Therewith, the User-Customer can refer in his request only to on those deficiencies, which were consequence Executor user deviations from the Users-Customer task. The User-Customer should send a requirement to eliminate deficiencies through the personal account (section "Write to support"). Adbooro examines these deficiencies and directs guidance on revision to the Executive Users or, in the case of impossibility to correct deficiencies and to complete the Order, decides to refund on the ratio of the each incorrect or missing view value.

4.8. In the case of the User-Customer requirements arrivals to correct deficiencies in the delivered Services, the Executive User shall correct these deficiencies in the period agreed upon by the Parties, pursuant to such requirements are not exceeding the task scope agreed by the Parties at the stage of Ordering.

4.9. In the case of 3 (three) days expiry from the date of the Services delivery end, the User-Customer has not sent any objections regarding the results of the delivered services, the Services are considered to be delivered properly and accepted by the User-Customer without comments, and Adbooro assumes obligations to verify the order execution and pay for the Executive Use services. After payment for the Executive User services, any disagreements between the parties on the Order delivery are impossible.

4.10. If the Executive User is unable to provide the full services on the Order and the connection with him is lost due to the Executive User fault, Adbooro returns the payment to the User on the ratio of the each lost or improper view price value, leaving the funds for the received views on their accounts until full contact with the Executive User and payment for his Order services. If the of parties do not come to an agreement within 90 days, Adbooro takes its own decision about the guilt or innocence of the User-Customer actions, which led to the Executive User inability to work and in cases of guilt makes full payment less the commissions to the Executive User as a compensation, herewith the Executive User refuses from any material requirements on the part of Adbooro and the User-Customer by accepting such payment.
5. Payment for services
5.1. Prices for Services are indicated on the Website. Adbooro will receive a Commission on the Order specified in the user's Personal Account, or an additional Agreement for the special Order.

5.2. Adbooro may change the prices of the Services provided on the Website in its sole discretion at any time. Herewith, the price of the Service that has already been ordered shall not be subject to any alterations.

5.3. Payment for the Service is made by non-cash transfer. Payment can be made by Bank cards VISA Inc, MasterCard WorldWide, as well as electronic payment system Interkassa and other ways of payment listed on the Site.

5.4. To pay for Services by credit card when ordering, the Customer should select the way of payment: credit card.

5.4.1. When paying by credit card, payment transaction takes place on the Bank or Service Provider authorization page, where you must fill in your credit card information:

- card type; - card number; - card validity period (indicated on the front side of the card); - Name of the card holder (in Latin letters, just as indicated on the card); - CVC2/CVV2 code.

5.4.2. Adbooro does not have an access to this information, does not store information on such incoming payments, Adbooro conducts Know Your Customer procedure and verifies Executive Users to pay for their services. From this perspective they provide:

- Identity papers; - card number; - card validity period (indicated on the front side of the card); - Name of the card holder (in Latin letters, just as indicated on the card).

5.4.3. To pass the authentication procedure if the Customer's card is connected to the 3D-Secure service, the Customer will be automatically redirected to the Bank Web-page that issued the card. Information on the rules and ways of additional identification should be specified in the Bank that issued the Bank card.

5.5. The processing security of online payments through the Bank payment gateway is guaranteed by the international security certificate PCI DSS. The information is transmitted by SSL encryption technology. This information is not available to third parties.

5.6. Tips and recommendations on the necessary security measures while paying via Bank card: - take care of your credit cards as well as cash. Do not forget them in the car, restaurant, shop, etc.; - never give your full credit card number in the phone conversation with any person or company; - always have at hand the emergency communication phone number of the Bank that issued your card, and in case of its loss, immediately contact the Bank; - enter the card details only when making a purchase. Never indicate them for any other reason.

5.7. Adbooro may provide discounts, bonuses and other preferential terms of service to everybody or individual Customers.

5.8. Adbooro may limit the available ways of payment.
6. Rights and liabilities
6.1. User-Customer has the right to:

6.1.1. Read the Site materials and make Orders for Services;

6.1.2. Repudiate the contract in case of Adbooro refusal from Services;

6.1.3. At all times control the progress and work quality performed by the Executive Users, without interfering in their activities;

6.1.4. Perform other actions that are not prohibited by law and related to the Website use.

6.2. User-Customer agrees and undertakes to: 6.2.1. Read the content of this Offer, the procedure and terms of service and comply with them before the conclusion of the Contract. 6.2.2. Provide Adbooro with all the information necessary to deliver Services, true personal information, the Channel link content; 6.2.3. Pay the cost of Services as the 100% prepayment after Ordering; 6.2.4. To be under other obligations, specified in the Offer on the grounds of his Channel content mentioned in the Order, including legal and intangible liability for damage that may be caused to the Parties.

6.3. Adbooro is obliged to: a) Accept the Order for Services and redirect it to the Executive Users qualitatively and in full, controling their compliance and coordinating its full execution; b) guarantee confidentiality of Customer personal data under the Ukraine legislation and Privacy Policy; c) provide the Customer with the opportunity to receive free consultation on the Services delivery; d) pay for the Executive Users services mentioned in the Order upon their execution; e) fully comply with their obligations under other paragraphs of this agreement.

6.4. Adbooro has the right to toll the use of services for any User, if deciding to recompense payments on executed views and reimburse finances on unexecuted views, under this agreement. Adbooro reserves all rights under the Regulation Legislation. Besides: - to provide the current Website management, determine its structure, design, permit or restrict users ' access to the Website, exercise other rights belonging to it. - have exclusive rights to the Content, including software products and Website online services as a whole and included in their structure or computer programs used alongside with them, databases, cartographic, reference and information and other text materials, images and other objects of copyright and/or related rights, as well as objects of patent rights, Trademarks, commercial designations and trade names, as well as other parts of software products and/or Website online services (regardless of whether they are part of their structure or additional components, and is it possible to retrieve them from their structure and use yourself) separately. - to make decisions on the advertisements placement procedure on the Website, participation in affiliate programs, etc. - to change at any time the Website design, its content, modify or add the used scripts, software, Content and other objects used or stored on the Website, any server applications, both notifying users or not; - to send messages (including e-mail messages), notifying about the introduction of new services or cancellation of old ones, approval and posting of the Offer new version, notifications containing advertising information about the Contractor products and services. - to place advertising materials on the Website.

6.5. The Executive User is obliged to: a) read the content of this Offer, the procedure and terms of service and comply with them, accept or reject the Order within a reasonable time before accepting an Order; b) correct the identified deficiencies at the User-Customer request without charge and within the period agreed by the Parties, if in the process of Services delivery, deviations from the task were made, which degraded the Service; c)notify Adbooro in the case of receiving a warning from YouTube, and agree to transfer to the risky channels category, where only small orders at the lowest prices can be executed. d) notify Adbooro in the case of receiving strake off from YouTube, and terminate all orders delivery as well as agree with the non-payment of the executed services that are not finished before the strake off. e) notify Adbooro in the case of receiving the second strake off and agree at the ultimate free of charge termination of the Contract with Adbooro.
7. Restrictions and prohibitions
7.1. Users are prohibited:

a) to use any automatic or automated means to collect information posted on the Website;

b) to reproduce, to copy, to process, to distribute, to download, to transmit, to sell or otherwise use either whole or in pieces the Website content, without the prior Contractor permission.

c) to mention false or fictitious information about yourself when ordering Services;

d) to carry out actions aimed at destabilizing the Website work, to attempt unauthorized access to the Website management or its private sections (sections, which are allowed to access only by the Contractor), as well as to carry out any other similar actions.
8. Guarantees and liability
8.1. Adbooro is not responsible for the Service quality, if the Customer has provided false information necessary for the Service delivery or the Order violates the terms of order making and this agreement.

8.2. Customer shall be liable for any breach of obligations under the Agreement and /or applicable law, and for all consequences of such breach (including any damages that may be suffered by Adbooro and other third parties).

8.3. Adbooro, for its part, guarantees the use of the Customer mentioned e-mail to communicate with the User-Customer, to send the User-Customer notifications, messages, and other necessary information.

8.4. Adbooro provides services through the Internet, and is not responsible for possible Website failures and malfunctions and losses of information due to the Internet disconnect, server failures and other technical failures, which are not on the Adbooro side. The contractor is not responsible for any damages to the User-Customer's computer, mobile devices, any other equipment or software caused by or related to the use of the Website or websites accessible via hyperlinks posted on the Website, which occurred through the fault of the third parties or in connection with the changes in third parties codes, including YouTube services.

8.5. The Customer understands that Adbooro is an agent between the User-Customer and the Executive User for the services on the third party platform — YouTube, so the User-Customer accepts that Adbooro cannot guarantee the order execution, it is not responsible for any damages, including loss of profit, or damage caused due to the Website use, ordering and payment of Services, if such failure is due to the Executive User or third parties fault and is not related to the performance of Adbooro's direct duties under this agreement.

8.6. In any case, the Adbooro total liability under the Contract is limited by the received Adbooro amount under the Contract.

8.7. The parties are released from liability for non-performance or improper performance of obligations under the Contract for the period of force majeure. Force majeure means extraordinary and insurmountable circumstances under the given conditions that prevent the parties from fulfilling their obligations under this Agreement. These include acts of God (earthquakes, floods, etc.), social unrest (military actions, cases of emergency, strikes, epidemics, etc.), state prohibitive measures (embargo on traffic, currency restrictions, international sanctions on the trade prohibition, etc.). During this period, the Parties do not have mutual claims, and each of the Parties assumes the risk of the force majeure consequences.
9. Concluding provisions
9.1. The contract shall come into effect as of the Services payment date under the terms of this contract and ends when the both Parties obligations were fully and completely performed.

9.2. All disputes arising between the Parties shall be settled through negotiations. The pre-trial procedure for resolving a dispute arising from the relations regulated by the Contract is considered mandatory. The term for pre-trial settlement of claims is 10 (ten) working days from the date of the relevant claim receipt. If there is no agreement on the dispute settlement, such dispute shall be considered and resolved in the Arbitration court of London.

9.3. If the court recognizes any provision of the Offer invalid and not subject to application, the other provisions of the Offer cannot be considered invalid.

9.4. The contract concluded on the basis of this offer, including all its integral parts, other documents drawn up in its execution, as well as information that became known to the other Party during the Contract execution, is considered as confidential information. Such information may not be disclosed in any way without both Parties written consent neither during the term of the Contract nor after its termination. Otherwise, the Party in fault is obliged to compensate the injured Party for all damages caused, including los of benefit.

9.5. All notices, messages, demands, claims and other similar Parties documents concerning the Contract sent to each other shall be in writing. These documents sent by fax or e-mail, with confirmation of their sending, are in full force and effect and can be used as written evidences.

9.6. For all questions, the Customer can contact us by e-mail [email protected].