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What Adbooro Offers

Mutually Beneficial Collaboration of Channels

The service operation principle: automatic collaboration of YouTube channels, while one of them provides a place for advertisement (Provider), and the other one places its content on it (Customer).

Passive Income for the Provider

Get money for transferring your audience to Customer's channel!
This income can be an excellent addition to monetization on YouTube or an alternative to it.
Get views from people interested in the subject matter of your content!
This approach helps grow the loyal audience on your channel.

Organic Views for the Сustomer

End screen clicks positively affect YouTube algorithms and put your videos up in recommendations.
Later on, you will see an increase in views even without the constant use of Adbooro.

Qualitative Growth of Your Channel

By using Adbooro, you avoid problems that may occur when working in collaboration, such as being ignored after paying or not receiving the specified amount of views.

Deals Security Guarantee

Automation of Partner Channels Selection

Free up the time and energy you spend searching for advertising places!
We provide the possibility to buy advertisement in bulk on multiple channels at once.

How It Works

Let's take a couple of working YouTube channels as an example and call them Channel B and Channel C. They both have rather high amounts of traffic and are ready to share it with Channel A, which wants to get more views, and make money on it.
Channel B and Channel C owners use Adbooro to place the end screens containing a link to Channel A's video at the end of their videos.
After watching the video on Channel B or C, the viewer sees a similar video, and by clicking the end screen element, follows the link to the Channel A's video.
Adbooro how YouTube channel promotion works
Channel A

The Customer Gets Organic Views

And not just from one channel! Our system automatically selects multiple partner channels according to the topic of the Customer's content.
Channels B,C

Providers Get Money for Every Single End Screen Element Click.

The more end screen clicks — the more money!
Channels D,E etc.

New channels connect to the Adbooro platform every day.

All the channels are classified allowing a Customer to select categories and obtain maximum target traffic.

Adbooro Indicators

for 1000 views
26 000 000+
views received by our Customers
30 000+
platform users
$10 per 1000 views
(Russian-language YouTube segment)

$20 per 1000 views
(English-language YouTube segment)
$10 per 1000 views
(Russian-language YouTube segment)

$20 per 1000 views
(English-language YouTube segment)

How to Start Collaboration

Receive a technical playlist
Select the
appropriate categories
Place the playlist in your end screen
Pay by one of the suggested options
You are a Provider
You are a Customer
Adbooro YouTube channel promotion

How to Start Collaboration

You are
a Provider
You are
a Customer
Receive a technical playlist
нужную категорию
Place the playlist in your end screen
Внести оплату одним
из предложенных способов
Вы — провайдер
Вы — клиент
Adbooro earnings on youtube
технический плейлист
Select the
appropriate categories
Разместить плейлист
в своих конечных заставках
Pay by one of the suggested options
Вы — провайдер
Вы — клиент
Adbooro easy selection of youtube partners
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A Few More Advantages

No need to authorize your channel or share your password with us
Handy filtration of partners for collaboration
Convenient interaction with the platform interface
Support service working 24/7 to help you with any inquiry
We give recommendations to help you promote your channel

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the service need access to my channel?
No, you don't have to. The Adbooro service works in automatic mode and does not require access to the channel — neither from the Provider nor from the Customer.
A view is considered just showing on the end screen or after click on the end screen?
Click on the end screen - that is viewing for the Customer.
Is there any way to track the number of views received or provided?
You will have a personal account where you will track the traffic received/provided.
Should I as a Provider pay something to get started or pay a commission later?
No. The provider only earns, no additional payments, commissions and write-offs. You will receive the earned money in full.
Does the service automatically control the process, or do you need to manually insert the final screensavers and monitor the views?
You get a playlist that needs to be installed in the final screensavers. After installing the playlist, your channel is added to the service. Next, the service automatically places the client's video in the playlist.

Got Any Questions Left?

We are always open to dialogue in our chat
or by e-mail
to help you with any problem.
You can find an answer here.

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