The most frequent questions from collaboration providers
I have a YouTube channel and I want to provide collaboration, what's the price?
4$ per 1000 collaboration contacts
Do I, being a provider, have to pay something to get started or then pay a fee?
No. Providers only earns, no additional fees, commissions and charges. You will receive the money earned in full.
A collab contact is considered just showing on the end screen or after click on the end screen?
Click on the end screen - that is collab contact for the provider.
Does the service need access to my channel?
No. The adbooro service works automatically and does not require access to the provider's channel.
Does the service automatically control the process, or do you need manually insert end screen and control the contacts?
You get the playlist which you must place to the end screen spot of your videos. After installing the playlist, Your channel is added to the service. Then the service automatically places the client's video in the playlist.
Apart from your playlist, can I post something of my own with it?
Yes, of course, you give us one spot out of 4 end screen.
Do I need to register on the website?
Yes, registration is mandatory.
Is there any way I can track the number of collab contacts?
You will have a personal account where you will track the traffic.
In the playlist will be posted videos did not violate YouTube's community guidelines and morals?
Each video for promotion is manually moderated. Videos in the playlist will be same category as your yours. We do not work with prohibited videos.
Why my videos are in the playlist?
The playlist contains 10 of your videos. This is done to ensure that not used traffic returned To you on the channel when there is no client. Ten videos you can choose by yourself and show them in chat or moderator in manual mode will take the most popular videos on the channel.
In more details what should be advertised?
Advertise a themed video or video that suits your audience.
How are collab contacts counted?
Automatically as YouTube provide statistics on the API.
We have a forbidden category for YouTube, casino. Is it possible to work with you?
We do not work with forbidden topics.
How do you count the income?
Income and all statistics will be in your personal account.
Where is the income transferred?
Income is transferred to the card, wallet or any convenient way for you.
How does payment work?
Withdrawal of funds from $10. You can order a withdrawal directly in your account.
How do you calculate the collab contacts on the end screen?
Adbooro system count cliks in real time. Then compare with the statistics obtained from YouTube on API. Also, all the statistics are on your YouTube channel. If the client has ordered 3000 contacts, the system will automatically remove his video from the playlist when he gets 3000 contacts (+/- 2-5%).
How much can we make from this?
You need to go to the channel Analytics, check how many end screen clicks for 30 days, 5% you can provide for collaboration (Provided that you put at least 1 end screen on ALL videos on the channel.)
How does it work technically? Please note that we do not register our channels on any platforms.
You do not need to register the channel on the platform and give access to the channel, you register as a user of the platform, that is, login and password.
Advertising with us can only be done manually.
In order not to place the hands of the customer's video in the end screen every time, You set the playlist once, and the customer's video is placed automatically in the playlist in the first place.
How it works technically
You place our playlist, there will be Your 10 videos, in case when there is no buyers, views return to your videos.
I don't really understand what "set our playlist"means. Please explain.
The system works with playlists. You put playlist in the end screen spot and the first video in the playlist will be buyers video. The client ordered 20,000 collab contacts. When contacts run up, the system will automatically remove the clients video from the playlist and deliver the next order.
The most frequent questions from clients
We are interested in collaboration contacts (end screens from the kids category channels). Could you send a price list for services (terms and cost).
Your video is placed on thematic channels.
$10 - 1000 views
I would like to clarify-1000 views-this is 1000 transitions of the end screen?
This 1000 clicks on your video from end screen of similar category channels.
Does the service need access to my channel?
No. The adbooro service works automatically and does not require access to the traffic clients channel.
How can I make a trial order, such as 500 collab contacts ($4)?
The minimum order is 2000 views, it is $16
Once again I want to clarify - this is not cheating! This is the real placement in the end screen spot?
Yes, this is a real placement in the end screen, from what sources the traffic goes, you can see in real time in YouTube statistics on your channel, as well as a couple of days later in the deployed YouTube Analytics.
I'm interested in live traffic form the end screens of the channels relevant to my. Explain what traffic sources do you have?
You will have sources from the end screen of the channels on which you will advance.
If it is 10000 contacts, then in one-two days it is possible?
We have made a calculation in the system that will show you when ordering for what period of time you will receive contacts.
What channels?
Channels are selected similar to your content and audience.
So you're setting up a campaign in Adwords?
No, we do not set up a campaign in Adwords, contacts come form the end screen spots of different channels on YouTube.
Any questions?
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